Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings

Individual planning and variety of shapes

Individual planning and a variety of shapes are standard with the fixed SunFurl sun awnings. The design is very free, as three, four or more fixing points can be planned and manufactured to suit the situation. SunFurl FX systems also enable exciting 3D architecture. Aluminum poles with diameters D86 and D102 mm are available as well as extremely robust steel fvz poles D102. The aluminum poles can optionally be powder-coated.

Wind stability and water drainage

Due to the large height differences and the high pre-tensioning by pulleys, the FX sails offer maximum stability in windy conditions and good rainwater drainage with a sufficiently planned gradient. For sails in public areas (daycare centers, schools, etc.), we recommend using the SolMesh340 sail mesh material. The fabric has an open structure which prevents water pockets from forming in the sail and also prevents heat build-up under the sail.

(Dis)assembly in just 15 minutes

During the winter months, the system can be completely dismantled in just a few simple steps. The sail is rolled or folded dry and stored in the winter protection bag, including the tensioning techniques. The masts can be pulled out of the ground sleeves and stored in the garage, for example. Only the wall plates and ground sockets remain permanently installed.


Sail area
FX with D86 AL mastsup to 20 m²
FX with D100 AL mastsup to 40m2
FX-KiTa with D100 steel fvz masts + SolMesh340 sails (with 4 masts)up to 40m2
FX-KiTa with D100 steel fvz masts + SolMesh340 sails (with 6 masts)up to 60m2


  • Flexible dimensions (not restricted by a winding axis)
  • Dynamic 3D sail geometry
  • Simple, cost-effective construction
  • Ideal for nurseries and schools (version with SolMesh 340)


SunFurl awnings type FX are available in the fabrics HydroSol270 and SolMesh340 in the colors below. Here you can find more information about fabric and colors.

Sailcloth HydroSol270 Colors

Lava Grey Linen
HS 1016

HS 1017

Charcoal Grey
HS 1018

Light Grey
HS 1019

Silver Grey
HS 1020

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS2010 Bianco

HS 2010

Akoya Linen
HS 3016

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS3015 Champagner

HS 3015

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS1015 Taupe

HS 1015

Beige Brown
HS 3017

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS4013 Bordeaux

HS 4013

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS8010 Orange

HS 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS5011 Citron

HS 5011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS6011 Pacific

HS 6011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS7012 Limette

HS 7012

Sailing fabric SolMesh340 Colors

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 3011 Dessert Sand

Desert Sand
SM 3011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 1012 Metal Grey

Metal Grey
SM 1012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 8010 Orange

SM 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 4010 Red

SM 4010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 7012 Green

SM 7012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 6011 Blue

SM 6011

Variant A1
2 x wall
2 x pole

Variant B1
1 x wall
3 x pole

Variant C1
3 x wall
1 x pole

Variant D1
0 x wall
4 x pole

Variant E1
2 x wall
1 x pole

Variant E2
2 x wall
2 x pole

Fixed awnings from SunFurl

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of fixed awnings for outdoor areas?
Fixed awnings are ideal for gardens, patios and nurseries. They provide permanent protection from the sun and create a pleasant atmosphere in which children can play safely. This type of sail is particularly durable and low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for nurseries and daycare centers. They also improve the aesthetic appearance of gardens and patios by providing a shaded area for play and relaxation.

Are SunFurl awnings weatherproof?
SunFurl awnings are known for their weather resistance. They are specifically designed for outdoor use, making them an ideal solution for gardens, patios and nurseries. These awnings effectively resist rain and wind, making them a reliable option for long-term sun protection in any outdoor area where children play.

What role do environmental compatibility and sustainability play in the production of SunFurl awnings?
Great importance is attached to environmental compatibility and sustainability in the manufacture of SunFurl sun sails. This is particularly important for locations such as kindergartens and daycare centers, where the health and safety of children is paramount. The use of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes ensures that the awnings not only protect the play area, but also help to protect our environment.

How are fixed awnings installed?
The installation of SunFurl sun sails is carried out by trained SunFurl specialist dealers. This guarantees a safe and correct installation of the awnings, which is particularly important in areas such as kindergartens, daycare centers, terraces and gardens, where safety and durability of the sun protection are essential. Professional installation ensures that the awnings are optimally positioned to provide effective shade and at the same time meet the aesthetic requirements of the respective outdoor area.

What maintenance and care instructions are there for SunFurl fixed awnings?
SunFurl awnings require minimal maintenance, making them a practical option for nurseries and daycare centers. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning of the material are sufficient to ensure that the awnings retain their sun protection and aesthetic quality.

Do fixed awnings have to be dismantled in winter?
Although SunFurl awnings are weatherproof, it may be advisable to dismantle them in nurseries and on terraces in winter to protect them from extreme weather conditions. This measure will help to extend the life of the material and ensure that the awnings continue to provide effective protection next season.