Awning fabrics

Summery variety of colors

We use the tried and tested HydroSol 270 fabric for the production of our SunFurl awnings. With a weight of 270g / m², it is extremely light for an awning fabric. It also offers very high UV resistance, enormous tear resistance and high UV protection. It also has an increased water column thanks to the hydro finish. HydroSol270 therefore offers all the properties you could wish for in an awning fabric! For nursery sails, we recommend the use of SolMesh340 mesh fabric. This offers maximum UV protection and is also permeable to air to prevent heat build-up.


Sail fabricAvailable for variants
HydroSol270RE / RES, RM / RM-light / RM-MAX, FX / FX-KiTa
SolMesh340RM / RM-light / RM-MAX, FX / FX-KiTa


HydroSol270 is the most popular awning material among our customers. It is characterized by its lightness and comes very close to a real sail with its great look. It offers all the properties that a modern awning needs.

Technical data of HydroSol270

  • 100 % opaque
  • Easy cleaning
  • High color brilliance
  • UV protection 50+
  • UVA / UVB protection 99
  • Spinneret-dyed, therefore high color fastness
  • Closed fabric structure
  • Exceptionally high UV resistance
  • Very high tear resistance
  • Increased water column due to Hydro Finish
  • High crease resistance
  • Fabric weight 270 g / m²
  • Double the breaking load compared to conventional acrylic fabrics

Colors of HydroSol270

Lava Grey Linen
HS 1016

HS 1017

Charcoal Grey
HS 1018

Light Grey
HS 1019

Silver Grey
HS 1020

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS2010 Bianco

HS 2010

Akoya Linen
HS 3016

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS3015 Champagner

HS 3015

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS1015 Taupe

HS 1015

Beige Brown
HS 3017

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS4013 Bordeaux

HS 4013

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS8010 Orange

HS 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS5011 Citron

HS 5011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS6011 Pacific

HS 6011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS7012 Limette

HS 7012

The SunFurl sail offers us sun protection with privacy.


SolMesh340 is an exceptional high-density polyethylene mesh (HDPE) with excellent UV resistance. The material is permeable to water and wind, it absorbs between
between 91 and 98% of harmful UV rays and blocks between 77% and 96% of the sun's rays.
In short: the perfect fabric for making our SunFurl awnings for warm summer days!

Technical data of SolMesh340

  • HDPE polyethylene mesh fabric (water-permeable)
  • Fabric weight 340g/m²
  • UVR protection > 90%
  • High tear strength / high surface stability
  • High UV resistance
  • B1 quality available on request (for SM 3011)
  • PVC & lead-free
  • Oeko-Tex and Greenguard certified
  • Exceptionally high UV resistance
  • Very high tear resistance
  • Increased water column due to Hydro Finish
  • High crease resistance
  • Fabric weight 270 g / m²
  • Double the breaking load compared to conventional acrylic fabrics

Sailing fabric SolMesh 340 colors

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 3011 Dessert Sand

Desert Sand
SM 3011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 1012 Metal Grey

Metal Grey
SM 1012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 8010 Orange

SM 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 4010 Red

SM 4010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 7012 Green

SM 7012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 6011 Blue

SM 6011

Powder coating

As an option, all parts can be powder-coated according to the RAL color chart. This means that the awning and its window frames form a single color unit.
All metal parts such as poles, wall fixings etc. are suitable for powder coating in accordance with the RAL color chart


Awning fabrics from SunFurl

Frequently asked questions

What material is used to make SunFurl awnings?
SunFurl uses two fabrics for its awnings: HydroSol 270 and SolMesh 340. HydroSol 270 is a lightweight, tear-resistant material that provides effective protection against UV radiation, making it ideal for permanent outdoor use. SolMesh 340 is a specialized mesh fabric that provides UV protection as well as air permeability to prevent heat build-up under the awning. Both fabrics have been selected for their durability and resistance to environmental influences, making them ideal materials for robust and effective awnings.

What makes the HydroSol 270 awning fabric so suitable as sun protection?
HydroSol 270 is an excellent fabric for awnings that offers effective sun protection. It is UV-stabilized and has a high tear resistance, making it a durable and reliable material for SunFurl awnings.

What are the special features of the SolMesh 340 fabric for SunFurl awnings?
SolMesh 340, a specialized fabric for SunFurl awnings, offers optimal protection against UV radiation. As an air-permeable material, this fabric prevents heat build-up under the awning and is ideal for areas where both air circulation and effective sun protection are important.

What color options does SunFurl offer for its awning fabrics?
SunFurl offers a wide range of color options for its awning fabrics. Customers can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to customize their awning and match their specific design vision.

Which is better a light or dark awning?
The decision between a light or dark awning depends on individual needs. Light-colored awnings may reflect more light and provide better protection from UV radiation, while dark-colored awnings can provide more effective shade.

How long do awnings retain their color?
The color fastness of SunFurl awnings depends on the quality of the outdoor fabric used. The HydroSol 270 and SolMesh 340 fabrics used in SunFurl awnings are known for their long-lasting lightfastness. This means that the colors of these awning fabrics remain stable over time and do not fade quickly. Thanks to their high lightfastness and quality as outdoor fabrics, the colors of SunFurl awnings remain vibrant and clear even after prolonged outdoor use.

What does the RAL powder coating for SunFurl awnings offer and why is it important?
RAL powder coating is an optional finish for SunFurl systems that allows for customization and a high-quality look. This coating allows different parts, such as poles and frames, to be designed in a variety of colors according to the RAL color chart. This allows customers to customize their fabrics and the entire system to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and unique look that blends harmoniously with the overall look of their outdoor areas. This high-quality finish not only enhances the visual impact, but also provides additional protection for the materials by increasing their durability and resistance to environmental influences.