Electric sun sail

The electric rollable awning

Highest ease of use, maximum safety



 Sail areaWrap-around axis length
Type REup to 100 m²up to 14 m
Type RESup to 60 m²up to 8 m


  • Electric rollable awning system (automatic and manual operation)
  • Weather control (wind, rain, sun, temperature)
  • Comfort and safety
  • Large sail areas can be realized
  • Systems can be combined in rows and surfaces
  • Tensioning technology with robust and maintenance-free stainless steel spring
  • High sail tension / good wind stability / good rainwater drainage


SunFurl awnings type RE / RES are available in the colors shown. Here you can find more information about fabric and colors

Sailing fabric HydroSol270 colors

Lava Grey Linen
HS 1016

HS 1017

Charcoal Grey
HS 1018

Light Grey
HS 1019

Silver Grey
HS 1020

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS2010 Bianco

HS 2010

Akoya Linen
HS 3016

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS3015 Champagner

HS 3015

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS1015 Taupe

HS 1015

Beige Brown
HS 3017

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS4013 Bordeaux

HS 4013

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS8010 Orange

HS 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS5011 Citron

HS 5011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS6011 Pacific

HS 6011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS7012 Limette

HS 7012

Variant RES-A1
1 x wall
3 x pole

Variant B1
1 x wall
3 x pole

Variant C1
3 x wall
1 x pole

Variant D1
0 x wall
4 x pole

Variant E1
2 x wall
1 x pole

Variant E2
2 x wall
2 x pole

Safety and comfort are the top priorities with this electrically rollable sun sail system. Both sails have the same fabric tension. When extended, the fabric tension is high; when rolled up, the fabric and line tension are reduced. Operation is fully automatic thanks to the weather control system. Sail areas of up to 100 m² can be realized effortlessly. A multiple arrangement in a row or surface is possible without any problems. The system can be integrated into an existing building control system. Here you will find an overview of all SunFurl components

Type RE

Type RES (E2)

Electric retractable awnings from SunFurl

Frequently asked questions

How does an electric awning work?
Electric awnings from SunFurl use wind and sun sensors for automatic adjustment. These retractable awnings offer the advantage of automatically retracting in strong winds, providing efficient protection. Compared to manual awnings, electric models offer increased comfort and safety.

Can electric awnings be integrated into smart home systems?
Yes, the electrically operated and retractable awnings from SunFurl can be seamlessly integrated into smart home systems. This makes it easy to control the awning from inside and automatically adjusts the awning to the current weather conditions.

How can electric awnings be operated?
SunFurl awnings, both electric and retractable, can be conveniently controlled using a hand-held radio transmitter. This enables individual adjustment of the sail and is a user-friendly alternative to manual variants.

What personalized design options does SunFurl offer for electric awnings? SunFurl offers a variety of custom design options for its electric and retractable awnings. These sails can be adapted to the aesthetic requirements of each individual customer to ensure optimal integration into the respective outdoor area.

How to install and maintain electric awnings
Installing and maintaining SunFurl electric awnings requires specialist knowledge. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure the longevity and functionality of the retractable awning.

What safety functions are integrated into SunFurl electric awnings? SunFurl electric awnings are equipped with sensors that react to sudden changes in the weather and automatically retract the retractable awning if necessary. This function increases the safety and reliability of the sun protection system.How does the fully automatic drive improve the functionality of SunFurl awnings? The fully automatic drive of SunFurl awnings significantly improves their functionality. This innovative system enables the awnings to adapt independently to changing sun conditions. In strong sunlight, the awnings unfold fully automatically to provide optimum protection and comfort. This intelligent drive ensures efficient use of the awning by reacting precisely and in good time to changes in the sunlight. As a result, SunFurl awnings not only offer protection from the sun, but also increased ease of use.