Exclusive awnings
from the yachting experts

Innovative awnings in sailmaker quality

BARTELS has been producing furling jib and furling systems for sailing yachts from renowned shipyards around the world for over 50 years. We have been successfully using this experience for over 20 years in the development and production of our SunFurl awning systems.
Our range extends from simple systems in which the sunsail is manually furled and unfurled between a jib furler and a swivel, to electrically operated systems with wind monitors and radio control.
SunFurl awnings are individually planned and manufactured from high-quality materials by experienced sailmakers. With all sun sails, you can enjoy sun protection with a feel-good atmosphere for you, your family and your guests.

Flexible solutions for beautiful shade

Whether you are looking for sun protection for the outdoor area of a restaurant or want to shade a private patio or balcony: BARTELS offers you high-quality sun protection with its SunFurl awnings. Our shading solutions conjure up a maritime flair on your patio.
We offer individually planned sun protection, rain protection and privacy protection for catering establishments with an area of up to 100 m² with just four fastenings. This means that awnings offer more sun protection than an awning or parasol can. They can be rolled up manually or electrically, or fixed.
Fixed systems in combination with a mesh sail (SolMesh 340) offer the ideal solution for nurseries and schools.

SunFurl awnings
Our models


Electrically rollable awnings

Wind and sun sensors ensure fully automatic control of the sail system and guarantee maximum safety, even in your absence. If the set load limits are exceeded, the system retracts automatically. Sail areas of up to 100 m² can be realised effortlessly with this system. more

RM, RM-light, RM-MAX

Manually rollable awnings

The perfect symbiosis of a fixed seasonal sail and a manually retractable awning. Depending on the system type, sail areas of up to 75 m² can be realised effortlessly.  more

FX / FX-KiTa

Fixed tensioned awnings

Customised planning and a variety of shapes are standard with the fixed SunFurl sun awnings and enable exciting 3D architecture. more


Electrically rollable shade sails

Experience shade at the highest level with the "WING" - the innovative sunshade sail that combines the best features of sunshade sails and sunshades. more

Large area shading

Combined RE systems

For shading large areas, such as outdoor areas of restaurants and event areas, the arrangement of systems in rows or areas is ideal. Poles can be used several times by neighbouring systems.  more

HydroSol 270 awning fabric

Fabric and colours

We use the tried-and-tested HydroSol 270 fabric to manufacture our SunFurl awnings. Find out more about the properties and colours here.  more

Arrangement & fastening

Arrangement variants & fastening

Depending on the circumstances, the SunFurl awning can be free-standing or attached to a building. You can find our supported installation options here.  more

Production & origin

Production & origin

For over 50 years, the name BARTELS has been synonymous with high-quality nautical products that sailors all over the world have come to rely on. Find out more about the production of SunFurl sun sails and the manufacturer here.  more

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