Large area shading

Combined awning systems

RE systems arranged in rows or panels

For shading large areas, such as outdoor areas of restaurants and event areas, the arrangement of systems in rows or areas is ideal. In this case, masts can be used several times by adjacent systems. The arrangement as an electric RE system is advantageous, as only a minimum of tensioning techniques and poles are required. The systems can be operated individually, in groups or all at the same time via the weather control display. The automatic mode of the weather control system ensures safe operation without the need for operating personnel. The ideal solution for large shading tasks in publicly accessible areas.


Row arrangement

As many systems as required can be arranged next to each other in a row. Adjacent poles or wall panels between systems are used twice. In this way, large, elongated areas can be shaded efficiently and automatically. Row arrangements on buildings are often arranged as a sloping surface. This results in a uniform appearance and ensures that rainwater drains away from the area to be shaded.

Area arrangement

Any number of systems can be arranged in an area. Adjacent masts between systems are used twice. In this way, large areas can be shaded effectively and automatically. Area arrangements are often set up as a 2 x 2 system, as this arrangement allows the heights to be set to advantage. This results in a uniform appearance and ensures that rainwater drains away from the area to be shaded.


  • Large area shading for restaurants, schools, daycare centers, public areas
  • Fully automatic operation via weather control or house control system
  • No operating personnel required
  • Low maintenance effort

Systems for large area shading from SunFurl

Frequently asked questions

Can SunFurl large area shading systems be integrated into existing building control systems?
Yes, SunFurl large area shading awnings can be seamlessly integrated into existing building control systems. This integration enables efficient operation of the sun sails, which optimizes sun protection and increases user-friendliness.

How is the maintenance of SunFurl large-surface shading systems handled?
Maintenance of SunFurl large area shading systems, which include both fixed and retractable high-quality awnings, is quite simple thanks to their robust materials and high-quality construction. Regular inspections and proper installation are important to ensure the longevity and functionality of these awnings.

Can SunFurl awnings be customized to shade large outdoor areas?
Yes, SunFurl awnings can be customized to shade large outdoor areas. These custom-made awnings can be adapted in size, color and functionality to specific requirements to provide optimal and individual sun protection.

What are the benefits of retractable awnings for public and commercial areas?
SunFurl retractable awnings offer many advantages for public and commercial areas. They provide flexible and efficient shading and are ideal for these areas thanks to their ease of use. Our awnings provide effective protection from the sun and wind and are a durable solution for comprehensive sun protection.

How do combined RE awnings from SunFurl work for large-area shading?
SunFurl's combined electric awnings for large-area shading work by arranging several high-quality awnings in a row or surface. This configuration enables extensive shading and provides effective protection from the sun and wind. The awnings can be operated via a central weather control display, enabling safe, automated operation.

What variants and options of combined awnings are available?
SunFurl offers numerous variants and options for its combined awnings. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes, colors and features to customize their awnings. These customization options include manual and electric retractable awnings that provide high-quality, made-to-measure sun protection.

Can awnings for large area shading be made to measure?
Yes, our awnings for large area shading can definitely be made to measure. These custom-made awnings offer an optimal solution to meet specific size, color and function requirements while providing high-quality, efficient sun protection.