Electric rollable shade sail (WING)

Electrically rollable sun shade sail

Discover the revolution in shading: our shade sail with just one support outside the shaded area offers automatic, electric rolling convenience and allows uninterrupted views of the mountains, lake and sea. The advantages of an umbrella merge with the aesthetics of sun sails in a uniquely practical and sustainable system. Experience a new dimension of shade.

With a generous standard size of 4.5 x 4.5 m and the flexible arrangement of the WING in any number (in a row or surface), it is perfect for outdoor catering. The powder-coated visible surfaces in your individual RAL color also set stylish accents. The sail is made from high-quality HS270 in the color of your choice according to the color chart. Immerse yourself in the world of modern shade with the RES-WING.

Experience shade enjoyment at the highest level with the "WING" - the innovative sunshade sail

The innovative sunshade sail that combines the best features of sun sails and sunshades. Thanks to its unique design, the WING only needs one support outside the shaded area, giving you unrestricted views of the mountains, lake and beach, without disturbing masts in your field of vision.

The intelligent positioning of the support makes it easy to arrange tables and chairs within the shaded area. Fully automatic operation by weather sensors means you don't have to worry about a thing - no operators are needed to control the roll-out and roll-in. Seamless integration into your home control system opens up completely new possibilities for comfort control.

Wind stability and water drainage

The RES-Wing impresses with high wind stability and at the same time ensures rain protection thanks to an optimum gradient for safe water drainage.

Automated operation
The RES-Wing is ideal for public areas as no operating personnel are required to roll it in or out. Fully automatic operation through weather control makes it perfect for restaurants, bars and roof terraces.


DesignationSail areaSystem viewSail geometry
WING 90-15approx. 15 m² (see drawing for details)
WING 90-19approx. 19 m² (see drawing for details)
WING 120-19approx. 19 m² (see drawing for details)
WING 120-24approx. 24 m² (see drawing for details)


  • Dynamic 3D sail geometry - floats like a wing
  • Only one mast required
  • Ideal for restaurants, bars, roof terraces, poolside sunbathing areas
  • Ideal for public areas (no operating personnel required)
  • Sun protection, rain protection
  • Weather control for fully automatic operation
  • Illumination via LED spots
  • All visible parts powder-coated in RAL 7016 (anthracite gray)
  • Sail made of HS270 or Soltis86 mesh fabric / color individually according to color chart


The SunFurl WING is available in the high-quality sail fabric HydroSol270 in the colors below. Here you can find more information about fabric and colors.

Sailcloth HydroSol270 Colors

Lava Grey Linen
HS 1016

HS 1017

Charcoal Grey
HS 1018

Light Grey
HS 1019

Silver Grey
HS 1020

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS2010 Bianco

HS 2010

Akoya Linen
HS 3016

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS3015 Champagner

HS 3015

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS1015 Taupe

HS 1015

Beige Brown
HS 3017

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS4013 Bordeaux

HS 4013

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS8010 Orange

HS 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS5011 Citron

HS 5011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS6011 Pacific

HS 6011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS7012 Limette

HS 7012

WING 90-19

WING 120-24