CAD planning

Take advantage of the many possibilities of sun sails right from the planning phase of your construction projects. Use standard system templates or let us create an individual design to suit your project.
We offer you detailed plans of our SunFurl sun sail systems including all attachment points. You receive exact CAD data in standard exchange formats.

Sun sails provide shade for large areas with automated control (wind, rain, sun, temperature). Protection from UV radiation, protection from rain, protection from indoor heating, privacy protection and much more.

Awnings are flexible shading artists for large and small areas. Awnings adapt flexibly to the surface area to be shaded. Awnings can be operated automatically (integrated into the building control system or with an individual control unit).

The special feature of SunFurl awnings / awning systems are the tautly tensioned sails. This requirement for high pre-tensioning forces makes SunFurl awnings unique. The tensioning technology based on a strong stainless steel spring is completely maintenance-free. The sophisticated guidance of the sails protects the drive and generates maximum tensioning force when the sails are extended. SunFurl awnings are therefore extremely robust against wind and also offer optimum rain protection if there is a sufficient gradient.

We support you in your individual planning:

  • Gastro / Restaurant
  • Daycare center / school
  • Event areas / exhibition center / congress building
  • Outdoor pool
  • Roof terraces
  • Pedestrian zones (mobile systems on cubes)

Variants for planners and architects

Series arrangement of standard systems

SunFurl awnings offer architects and planners invaluable support when designing areas to protect against harmful UV radiation. Thanks to the flexible arrangement, any number of systems can be placed next to each other in a row. The cleverness lies in the double use of adjacent poles or wall panels between the systems, which means that large, elongated areas can be shaded efficiently and automatically.

Row arrangements on buildings are often installed as a sloping surface. This not only creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also ensures effective rainwater drainage away from the area to be shaded. This well thought-out planning not only enables efficient use of resources, but also harmonious integration of the protective mechanisms into the architecture, which takes equal account of health protection and aesthetic requirements.

Surface arrangement of standard systems

SunFurl awnings provide indispensable support for planners and architects in particular when designing areas to protect against harmful UV radiation. The flexible combination of awnings in rows or surfaces allows areas of any size to be effectively shaded. The innovative arrangement allows multiple use of poles and wall panels, resulting in considerable cost savings per square meter of shaded area.

Another advantage of the SunFurl systems is the efficiency of the tensioning technology. Only one tensioning system is required per awning system, even with combined systems. This eliminates the need for additional tensioning technology masts, which not only reduces costs, but also improves the aesthetic integration into the surroundings.

The fully automated shading of areas of any size underlines the user-friendliness and modern approach of SunFurl awnings, which focus not only on comfort but also on protection from harmful UV radiation.

Individual special solutions to suit your requirements

SunFurl stands for outstanding engineering services and technical expertise to meet your individual shading requirements. With a focus on electric awnings, our engineers and technicians realize projects with large surfaces, impressive spans and almost any geometry.

Our solutions integrate effortlessly into building control systems to ensure seamless and intelligent operation. We place the highest value on precise structural verification to deliver results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally safe.

SunFurl is your holistic planning partner for demanding construction projects. From initial planning to fabrication and final installation, we offer everything from a single source. This holistic approach ensures smooth coordination of all processes and enables us to create customized solutions that not only meet the highest technical standards, but are also aesthetically and functionally convincing. Put your trust in SunFurl if you are looking for quality, innovation and efficiency for your demanding projects.


SF-RE-A1 (7x7m)on request
SF-RE-D1 (7x7m)on request
SF-RE-A1 combi (28x7m)on request
SF-RE-D1 combi (14x14m)on request
SF-WING combi serieson request
SF-WING combi areaon request