Manual awning

The manually rollable hybrid awning

Features like a 3D fixed sail, but still rollable

The SunFurl RM system is the perfect symbiosis of a fixed seasonal sail and a manually rollable awning. The high surface tension makes this type of system very wind-stable. This means that an RM system can remain raised for the entire summer season and only needs to be rolled up in strong winds and thunderstorms. With this type of system, the height of three fastening points can be adjusted. This allows you to adjust the awning so that it always provides the desired shade, even when the sun is low in the sky. Depending on the system type, sail areas of up to 75 m² can be realized effortlessly.

Tautly tensioned!

The sail is tensioned tightly due to the high pre-tensioning forces. With sufficient slope, the sail can be used as rain protection without any problems. All SunFurl sun sails are manufactured by highly qualified sailmakers. This enables us to offer you sails of exceptionally high quality.

(Dis)assembly in just 15 minutes

During the winter months, the system can be completely dismantled in just a few simple steps. The dry rolled-up sail can be rolled into a ring and stowed away, including the winding axle and all lines, in the winter protection bag. The masts can be pulled out of the ground sleeves and stored in the garage, for example. Only the inconspicuous wall plates and ground sockets remain permanently installed.


Sail areaWrap axis lengthMasts / tensioning technologyIllustration
RMup to 60 m²up to 10 mStainless steel masts D76
Winch tensioning technology
RM-lightup to 35 m²up to 8 mAluminum masts D76
Tensioning technology 2:1 transmission
RM-MAXup to 75 m²up to 12 mAluminum masts D86 and D102
Winch tensioning technology


  • Manually rollable awning
  • Dynamic 3D sail geometry
  • Maritime flair (winding axle, winches, lines, sail)
  • Flexible shaft (easy assembly and disassembly)
  • High surface tension (winches)
  • High wind stability / good rainwater drainage
  • Height adjustment possible on winding shaft and sail extension


SunFurl RM systems are available in HydroSol270 and SolMesh340 fabrics in the colors shown below. Click here for more information on fabrics and colors.

Sailcloth HydroSol270 Colors

Lava Grey Linen
HS 1016

HS 1017

Charcoal Grey
HS 1018

Light Grey
HS 1019

Silver Grey
HS 1020

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS2010 Bianco

HS 2010

Akoya Linen
HS 3016

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS3015 Champagner

HS 3015

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS1015 Taupe

HS 1015

Beige Brown
HS 3017

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS4013 Bordeaux

HS 4013

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS8010 Orange

HS 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS5011 Citron

HS 5011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS6011 Pacific

HS 6011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff HS7012 Limette

HS 7012

Sailing fabric SolMesh340 Colors

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 3011 Dessert Sand

Dessert Sand
SM 3011

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 1012 Metal Grey

Metal Grey
SM 1012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 8010 Orange

SM 8010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 4010 Red

SM 4010

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 7012 Green

SM 7012

[Translate to GB:] Segelstoff SolMesh 6011 Blue

SM 6011

Variant A1
2 x wall
2 x pole

Variant B1
1 x wall
3 x pole

Variant C1
3 x wall
1 x pole

Variant D1
0 x wall
4 x pole

Variant E1
2 x wall
1 x pole

Variant E2
2 x wall
2 x pole

Manually retractable awnings from SunFurl

Frequently asked questions


Can I get a custom-made retractable awning from SunFurl?
Yes, SunFurl offers custom-made retractable awnings that provide optimal sun protection and a unique design.

Who will install my SunFurl awning?
Your SunFurl awning will be installed by experienced technicians to ensure optimum functionality, safety, high quality and customer satisfaction.

Are SunFurl retractable awnings storm-proof?
SunFurl awnings, including the retractable models, are known for their weather resistance. Not only do they provide protection from the sun, they also offer some protection from the rain, but should be retracted for safety in the event of a heavy storm.

What options does SunFurl offer for awnings?
SunFurl offers a variety of awnings, including manual and electric retractable models and fixed versions, all designed for effective sun protection.

What should I look out for in a retractable awning?
With a retractable awning, it is important to pay attention to the material quality, handling, design and compatibility with your pole system to ensure effective protection from the sun.

What is the maximum size of a SunFurl retractable awning?
The maximum size of a SunFurl retractable awning varies depending on the model. The maximum size of a SunFurl RM retractable awning is up to 60 m². The winding axis length for these sails can be up to 10 meters.

How does a retractable awning work?
A retractable awning from SunFurl uses a winding axle to easily roll and unroll the sail, which enables flexible adaptation to changing sun conditions and effective sun protection.